Ladowich, a literary magazine in Apple iOS app form, features the work of ten poets each issue, with one longer work for good measure. Published by the editors of The Hat, Jordan Davis and Chris Edgar, Ladowich seeks to take enormous risks and also keep its house in order. Send us as many of your poems, stories, essays and other-form works as you can part with for a couple months. We want to read you, and we want to share that work of yours we know others will want to read too.
We print ten poets in each issue. Send us as many poems as you can stand to part with for a month or two -- at least three, and as many as fifty. (We like to read, and we also print a longer selection from one poet each month -- maybe it's you?) For now, we'd appreciate it if you upload each poem as a separate file. If it turns out to be too awkward for everybody to manage files this way, we'll come back and change this setting. But for now, humor us.

We publish one longer work every month. We've featured essays, long narrative sequences of poems, excerpts from novels, suites of short stories, interviews, and a selected poems. Future issues will feature memoirs, literary histories, and maybe you? Send us a cover note and your longer work(s) here.
Beginning in 2017, we'll feature one review each month of a book we feel hasn't been discussed adequately or accurately or even at all. Pitch us here.
We would love to consider your art for the cover of the magazine. Try us.